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I am so excited to launch Kim’s Table, the new blog that showcases the best and the brightest when it comes to the table.

Over the years, I was always focused on making the most beautiful product, those with the incredible craftsmanship that would become our signature. I wanted to create a wide array of pieces that would offer the client numerous ways to set their table, and reflect their personal style. The desire was to come up with different designs that would help our client experiment and think outside the usual white-tablecloth-and-gold napkin-ring box—and have fun doing it.

I love what I do, and have been lucky enough to meet so many creative people over the years, in my industry and in other creative ones as well. The best part: When I’m invited into friend’s homes and I get to see how they set their table. Whether it’s a customer or colleague, I’ve loved taking in a new perspective on entertaining, and seeing how someone combines our products in new and interesting ways. It gets me reinvigorated. I walk away with a fresh crop of concepts and innovative ideas for putting things together.

Now I’m excited to put it all together and share it with you through my blog. It reflects everything I’m passionate about. To display that in the most vivid way, I created a Photo Gallery as a place of inspiration for our readers. It’s a luscious display of the best tables you’ve created. Visit it weekly to get the next great idea for your dinner party or celebration. Our stories on great parties with stylemakers and designers will offer insight on setting a table for different occasions, and help take your style vision up a few notches. If you’re not the expert, we offer tips and tricks for getting your table just right, everything from mixing and matching patterns to folding napkins to caring for your linens. We look forward to creating great settings with you.

See you at the table!