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Put A Ring On It

One of our best-selling napkin rings is the Flare. A metallic ray of spokes with a resin stone in the center. It is a beautiful piece that is carefully handmade by artisans. Its spokes are individually welded and bent to create its shape. Metallic paint is hand applied to add luster. Stone resins like quartz and malachite are glued to finish it off.

Consider the napkin ring as the pièce de résistance of your table. The finishing accent that can either make or break your setting. It is with this premise that you should put extra thought on the napkin ring you will use.

Flare Napkin Ring

Lucky for you, we’ve designed multitudes of napkin rings in every entertaining style and theme. We have everything from coral to nautical. From frozen wintry glamour to seaside raffia chic. From classic chinoiserie to mid-century inspired.

Flux Napkin Rings in Gold & Silver
Fly Away Napkin Ring
Nile Napkin Ring
Spring 2020 Collection

We’ve got napkin rings inspired by constellations and some that look like dainty blossoms. (We also have a variety of napkins to pair them with.) Just as you would have fun with your jewelry, so should you with the napkin rings on your table.

Camellia Napkin Ring
Spring 2020 Collection