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Lulu Frost

“Who knew you could get so deep when talking about a stunning placemat,” says Lisa Salzer-Wiles, founder and designer of Lulu Frost jewelry, when asked about her choice of the Kim Seybert Fossil placemat. “For me, the idea of a fossil symbolizes strong foundations that stand the test of time. A feeling I want people to subtly absorb when they come to our home,” reflects Lisa of the symbolism of the placemats that look like slices of petrified wood, which currently adorn the meeting table turned dining setting at her lofty studio and office in the Flatiron District.

To shake off the winter doldrums and to bring some warmth amidst the frigid temperatures, Lisa is throwing a party with a theme that’s equal parts fancy fiesta and haute bohemian. On a banquette with soaring windows is her table with a vintage buttercup yellow tablecloth that calls to mind Georgia O’Keeffe’s Santa Fe.

The Lulu Frost studio gets prepped for a party; Kim Seybert Vague Smoke Goblet and Double Old Fashioned glasses

“My aesthetic sense definitely extends into my entire home and of course table settings. I frequently change the centerpiece on our dining table just according to my whim, for example. Currently, there is a cairn of special beach stones that our guests signed from our wedding, each one bearing sweet messages about love, marriage, and life. I love finding deeper meaning throughout life, and often choose symbolic decor throughout my home to reflect my beliefs,” adds Lisa.

Lisa Salzer-Wiles, founder and designer of Lulu Frost, throws a party with a haute bohemian feel using Kim Seybert pieces inspired by nature, exotic travels and a nomadic spirit; In a stroke of creative genius, Lisa uses Lulu Frost Plaza Letter Necklaces as place cards and adds floral-inspired jewelry to the centerpiece.

The wedding she refers to is the 2015 beach fête in Montauk where she exchanged rings and vows with contemporary ballet dancer Marlon Taylor-Wiles. Lisa actually met her hubby at the very first party she hosted at her current Flatiron studio. “We had the wonderful Winston Irie reggae band play and I met my husband-to-be, Marlon, so it can’t get much better than that,” remembers Lisa.

The couple has an active social life and they are often throwing parties. “We entertain as often as our schedules allow and sneak in a bit more for good measure even when it doesn’t.  From having one friend over for a casual dinner to a big shindig, we love opening up our home to friends, old and new.  There’s no better way to connect with people than over a shared meal at home, especially in the hustle and bustle of NYC.”

Kim Seybert’s Luxor beaded runner is used over a vintage yellow fabric. Fossil placemats act as fabulous backdrops for her Vietri white plates and gold flatware topped off by embroidered linen napkins and pompom style napkin rings.The soaring ceilings with picture windows and tall fiddle fig trees add to the drama of the setting.
Kim Seybert’s Luxor beaded runner is used over a vintage yellow mud cloth. Fossil placemats act as fabulous backdrops for her Vietri white plates and gold flatware, topped off by embroidered nomad napkins and pompom style fiesta napkin rings.The soaring ceilings with picture windows and tall fiddle leaf fig trees add to the energy of the setting.

Lisa’s Top Entertaining Tips:

1.) I think a party is a success when one’s guests are made to immediately feel at home.  I like to try to anticipate my guests’ needs, having refreshments available in pretty pitchers so people feel comfortable helping themselves.

2.) I love to serve family style – passing the food amongst one another is a great way to connect.

3.) Great music is also key to any good gathering. Lots of Grace Jones, Talking Heads and Peter Tosh these days.

4.) Prepping early leaves you free to socialize with your guests, which can make a huge difference in everyone’s experience of the evening, yours included!

5.) The most important thing is that as a host or hostess, you also need to have fun! A frazzled host is rarely an asset to a good party.

Coming soon to lulu frost— from left to right: Moorea Floral Messenger necklace: gold chain with green and yellow flower motif, bora bora long pendant necklace: gold chain with shell pink beaded and crystal floral pendant, tahiti drop earrings: gold and shell pink beaded floral earrings.

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