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Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

The color experts at Pantone have chosen Ultra Violet — Pantone 18-3838 to be more specific – as the color of 2018. It is a lush, bold and dramatic shade of purple. Its hue is borrowed from the cosmos and the night sky according to the Pantone authorities, thereby suggesting a world of limitless possibilities and creativity without boundaries.

In the artistic and creative worlds, purple was best employed by Mark Rothko whose large paintings were not only fine examples of abstract expressionism but also exploratory studies on color relationships. What complements purple best? Look to Rothko’s oeuvre. Francis Bacon too had an affinity for the color especially for his papal portraits where the ecclesiastical robes were washed in strong violet brush strokes.

In popular culture, there is Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize winning book The Color Purple which had been adapted into film and more recently as a Broadway musical. The music and style icon Prince released his album Purple Rain in 1984 and it remains one of the best albums in musical history. And of course there were Elizabeth Taylor’s violet eyes.

No color is more intertwined with kings and queens than purple. This association with royalty can be attributed to the fact that purple dye was historically very expensive to produce requiring thousands of mollusk shells to make one gram of dye. And during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I she ordered that only close relations of the royal family wore the color. While the access to the color today is more democratic, it still remains emblematic of royalty.

In interior design, purple is considered a grand gesture. Not one for the faint hearted. The best way to use it in a room is to go big, to commit to it. Wash walls in a violet shade or introduce a deep aubergine velvet sofa to a room to create instant mood. The same is true for table settings. Begin with a violet tablecloth and work in complementary colors like yellow and gold and some neutrals. Layer on the plates and napkins tinged with gold for a table fit for royalty–Purple reign.

If you’re looking to incorporate the color of 2018 to your table settings this new year, consider slipping the Kim Seybert Chambray Gauze Napkin in Periwinkle into the sputnik-like Wood Constellation Napkin Ring in Lilac with crystal accents. If you’ve got a wicked sense of humor, serve drinks on our fully beaded violet devil emoji coasters from our soon to come Emoji 2.0 Coaster set from our upcoming Spring 2018 collection.



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