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Kim's Table

Into the Deep

Each year, our creative team takes a trip to the mecca of all antique fairs, Brimfield. The thrice-yearly show in Massachusetts is a must for anyone who loves antiques and home furnishings of any kind. On every trip, our team uncovers absolute gems when it comes to tabletop, too. This time, we were blown away by an antique Limoges dinnerware set. Each piece is hand-painted with a unique ocean-floor scene featuring clams, mussels, starfish, and sea flora in a soft, pastel palette. Freshly inspired, we set out to create a seashore table that would showcase each of these one-of-a-kind nautical depictions.

With the vintage pieces as the focal point of the table, we decided a simple, linen tablecloth would be best. Its natural sandy hue was the perfect choice for this ocean-themed setting. Our Molten Charger in Gold served as the base for each place setting. Its organic shape—akin to coral—added a polished contrast against the neutral tablecloth and allowed the design of the dinnerware to take center stage.

Kim first layered Jaune de Chrome’s Aguirre dinnerware atop the chargers, whose modern and inky design offered an effortless contrast to the distinct, scalloped edge of the vintage pieces. The Limoges salad plates were then layered atop, and the settings finished with our Pearl Napkin Ring in Ivory and Gold and our Metallic Linen Napkin in Silver.

Ever a believer in mixing-and-matching, we added our Paillette Tumbler in Gold and the Paillette Tumbler White Wine Glass in Platinum. Gold touches all around recall the sun dancing off the waves and the shimmering radiance that only the beach can bring.

Keeping a centerpiece minimal yet eye-catching is key with an embellished table such as this. The low and sprawling arrangement displayed here combines coral, seashells, and faux sea fans. Antique scallop salt cellars (another Brimfield find!) peek out from between the sea flora, serving a function as well as adding to the design. Lush pink and green hydrangeas add flourish as well as a dose of much-needed color.

Timeless classics like this vintage dinnerware never fail to intrigue and inspire—and breathe new life into a seasonal table design. Summer has arrived!



Photographer: Eric Striffler

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