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Known for his highly personalized parties, Event and Floral Designer, Matthew Robbins truly is the consummate host. Whether it’s an intimate dinner or glamourous soirée, Robbins takes a hands-on approach when it comes to the bride and grooms special day.

Recently, he was a special guest at a Martha Stewart Weddings event which was held in NYC’s Gotham Hall.  Inspired by a stay at Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat in France, Robbins created an elevated setting that is both romantic and timeless.


We sat down with Matthew to ask a few questions about his beautiful setting as well as pick up a tip for future brides!

What was your inspiration for this table?

My inspiration came from my love of coastal or seaside destinations. They are always infused a sense of calm, elegant style and I wanted to bring that energy to our table. I remembered a visit to Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat and I really wanted to focus on that sense of elevated, romantic and natural style in the design. When I was imagining the table, I wanted it to feel effortless and classic with an eclectic but calming aesthetic. 


The amazing anemones were the initial influence for this table. They are crisp white with a deep indigo center. I immediately thought of the Distressed Napkin in White and Navy. They are contemporary but also romantic. This is a combination I always bring to my projects. I love the balance of unique contemporary design with romantic details such as the Peony Napkin Rings.

Tell us about the overall palette:

I felt the need to do something more monochromatic in contrast to the busy, very mixed floral arrangements we see so much of lately. It was my response to this trend which feels like it is making a turn now. I feel brides are looking for a cleaner aesthetic in the flowers that can also accommodate a more eclectic mix of tabletop and accessories. Brides and Grooms are spending more time on their tabletop decor these days and the accessories are now just as important as the flowers.


What’s your advice for brides?

Enjoy the process and remember to pay attention to your own sense of style. Don’t base your decisions on what your friends do or what you see at all of the weddings you attend. Be original and stick to your own vision!

For even more bridal inspiration, please pick up a copy of his new magazine Matthew Robbins Sweet Paul Weddings.


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