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Festive Attire


With the holidays gone, and a frigid season ahead – it’s the perfect time to dress your table in dramatic, colorful looks that will cure any case of the winter blues. Start with a vibrant tablecloth, add bright shiny accessories, and a dash of something unexpected for a table that will get talked about again and again.


Prism placemats coordinate with an ornate antique sari

Lots of company means ample time at the table, and for a hostess who loves to entertain, that means plenty of time spent thinking about the right style to set. This is where creativity can really shine. The most important element:  The tablecloth.  It’s the foundation of every great table. For the looks pictured here, Kim drew upon Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, and used one of the many colorful saris she’s collected while traveling to the Far East. Even though a Sari is a traditional piece of clothing, Kim rarely wears hers, choosing instead to use them for the table. Its vibrant hues and hand-embroidery serve as the perfect backdrop for any occasion.


Detail artistry of an etched fan from Myanmar

During her travels, Kim is also on the hunt for a great item to use as a centerpiece, and this etched fan from Myanmar was just the showstopper she was looking for. Its rich artistry is hardly expected for a dinner party, but using it as the focal point takes things up ten notches. Adding the Prism Placemat paired with the Flare Napkin Ring in Gold and Black means pattern on pattern that completely works. Scattering colored votives in rainbow tones, and finishing with the surprise of Zebrawood Flatware makes much more of an impact than the customary white or beige.

If you don’t happen to have an exotic fan from Myanmar in your collection, there are plenty of other accessories— even fresh zinnias—that are just as imaginative!


Despite the season, warm neutrals also have their place when paired with more eye-catching elements, like the Global Napkin Ring in gold, a piece with just enough variety in it to make a table interesting without stretching the boundaries.


Wood Bead placemats are a subtle way to include texture

It can be too easy to fall into the same formulaic setting, but starting with great pieces, like our Wood Bead Placemat in natural, gives a solid base to build upon. The matte hue subtly matched the sari’s embroidered pattern which loaned itself to a more coordinated look.


Vibrant zinnias scattered throughout as well as colorful votives add a pop to the tone-on-tone place settings, and the subtle sophistication of the Crackle Tumbler and Goblet in platinum along with the Aura Dinner Plate in Gold completes the look. Switching out accessories is the easiest way to freshen up any table.


Too often, we want to be matchy-matchy with those accessories, but that’s so predictable. Its pieces like the Monarchy Napkin with ornate embroidery paired with the Gem Ray Charger and Python Placemat in gray that take a dinner party to a whole new level.


The result:  A look that’s a little eclectic, a little Bohemian, and a little charming, all at once.


Mix and match shapes, our Python Placemat and Gem Ray charger add depth to the table

The centerpiece that never fails: Candlelight, since casting a beautiful glow works with any theme. It’s also one of our favorite ways to add a touch of drama without being showy. We found just the right candelabra at Jamali, a gold piece that’s perfectly wordly, and filled it with hammered tapers found at one of our favorite sources, Homegoods. Candelabras that make a statement or tinted mercury glass votives add both height and interest and make for the right kind of intimate dining experience. Creating depth by layering is much more interesting than white china and white linens so often used for special occasions. Nice as they might be, it’s color and variety that makes any table extra special.

The cultural versatility of a sari is just the starting point for three great looks—looks you won’t see repeated anywhere else. Whether it’s fashion-forward, muted and modern or somewhere in between, make it yours this season!





Photography by Eric Striffler


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