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Summer is the time to celebrate, and what better place than the beach! Dive right into the festivities with a party in bright red, white, and blue.


Good entertaining is one of the joys of life, and holidays are a time when hosts and hostesses can really pull out all the stops. Nowhere does that creativity take center stage better than at the table. Experimenting with colors, whimsical centerpieces, flowers, and textures to compose the right setting is a fun endeavor for most.


The Fourth of July is one of those occasions when a host or hostess can be bold without worrying about overkill. Tables can range from the subtlely elegant to the wildly imaginative, and nothing seems to be off limits. In fact, partygoers expect the ultimate in bright and festive, and for tables to be doused in red, white, and blue. And when guests sit down, it’s fun to watch them discover the special touches found in the most unexpected places.

The Kim Seybert settings here fit the bill: Round tables set up on the beach are covered in a scattering of patriotic star fabric, layered with crisp silver Fez placemats, two napkins—Stars and Tassel napkins (some summer meals can get messy), and finished off with Spider Beaded Burst napkin rings in our nation’s colors.


Added touches can help guests settle into the festivities, like having a stack of pashminas on hand to guard against chilly ocean breezes; tall cocktail tables for the cocktail hour or for mingling after dinner; or an outdoor lounge with a bonfire in the center and s’more ingredients at the ready. Try whimsical globe-shaped lighting to illuminate the night instead of the usual tiki torches.


As a fun addition, place a “Lobster Survival Kit” at each setting with the usual accoutrements needed to tackle the crustacean—crackers, a bib, wipes, and a claw-shaped pick to pry the luscious meat from the shell.


Goody bags are always appreciated! Drape one over each chair and fill it with patriotic delights such as blankets and a scarf in an American flag print, socks for cold feet, and sparklers.


And while you’re at it, dress in red, white, and blue to salute the day!

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